Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fantasy Fulfilled

For the last several days, I have been enjoying an empty home free of couch surfers. Don't get be wrong -- I absolutely love couch surfing and think it's a fulfilling experience that has taught me more in a few weeks than most experiences. But hosting 10 people in 15 days really wore me out, and I was glad to have some peace and quiet in the small apartment that where I'm currently living. But I have trouble saying no to travelers who want to stay on my spare mattresses because I really do get so much enjoyment out of it (sometimes sexy enjoyment), and two days ago I got a couch request from a new surfer.

For the sake of clearing up any confusion, we're going to call this hot couch surfer Jake (all names that I use on this blog are censored or fake), so that we don't get him confused with any other couch surfers I've fucked or will fuck.

At around 4:45pm, Jake sent me his initial message. He said something along the lines of, "Hey, I'm going to be in town at 5pm tonight. I know it's last minute, but could I stay on your couch? I'm backpacking across the states right now, so I'm really dirty and haven't showered in like 4 days and it would be awesome to clean up."

He had no references, no friends, pretty bare text on his profile, and only a single photo. But damn, he was hot. And damn, I was horny. And also, he's backpacking across the US, which is my plan as soon as I find somebody to take over this damn lease. So, I said yes.

He came over and we hung out. We met up with some of my friends, we had dinner, we did a music exchange that lasted late into the night, and we drank a lot of vodka.

(Sidenote: can anybody please tell me the English term for this type of drink? You pour a shotglass half-full with vodka, half-full with tonic. Then you cover the top of the glass with your hand, lift it up a bit, slam it down onto the table, and then drink it. My Lithuanian couch surfers introduced me to this drink. They don't have a term for it in Lithuanian -- they simply describe it by slapping their hands together to create some form of drunken, archaic sign language. Pretty awesome. But I want to know the English word for it, if it exists. Please tell me in the comments of this post if you know!)

It was pretty obvious that he wanted me. The sexual energy was just pouring out of him. He kind of has that alpha male presence, which I'm not usually attracted to, but our conversation was great and -- let's be honest here: I hadn't fucked in two days and I was horny as hell, so I wanted him badly.

All night we flirted. We played Truth or Truth, and you better bet some sexual questions were thrown out on the table, including his question of, "Have you ever fucked a couch surfer before?" (I think you all know the answer to that.)

We physically got closer -- we even gave each other massages (but with all clothes on, sitting up in chairs, lights fully on, and unfortunately it didn't quite lead anywhere). I really, really wanted to fuck him by the time we were winding down for the night, but I've decided to try not making the first move for a while.

I could see the desire to fuck flicker in his eyes, and he kept almost making a move, but kept hesitating. I didn't know what the fuck the deal was. I thought it was pretty obvious that I wanted him. We did a lot of eye fucking, I drew on his back and his arms with my fingers... So what the fuck was his problem? What was he scared of?

Finally we went to bed. I was highly disappointed.

So the NEXT DAY rolls around. We woke up lazily; I walked around in my sports bra and underwear. We made breakfast together and then went out for a day of adventuring. The whole time we talked about interesting things, laughed together, and had a lot of fun. And then of course I took him rock climbing. It was my first time climbing indoors in several weeks, and I went to a gym where a lot of my friends go. It was tons of fun -- he was a pretty decent climber, and I have obviously improved since the last time I was there. In addition I ran into several friends, and I left in a great mood.

Then I went off on a dinner date with a guy who lives in the city I'm currently staying in. Hilarity ensued, and you readers can expect a post about that before the end of tomorrow.

I came back home from my date and met up with Jake at a couch surfing meetup at this Japanese restaurant. A bunch of the people there were my friends, and I met some cool chicks that I warmed up to quickly. We were loud and rambunctious, and having lots of fun. Eventually, Jake started rubbing on my knee under the table. I didn't think much of it because he was pretty drunk off of sake.

We left and had a long walk home in frigid rain, and we had no umbrella. We walked close together to keep wam and kept talking about the fantastic hot shower (not plural) that we were going to take when we got home. We referred to it as "our shower," but this was mostly just flirting.

We finally got home, I changed into dry clothes, and he hopped in the shower, though I didn't join because I realized I needed to clean the kitchen and feed the cats (I'm kind of a crazy cat lady).

Before getting in, he asked me if I would be so kind as to make him some eggs. I said, "Fuck you, make your own eggs! Besides, what are you going to do if I cook for you?" He laughed and responded, "What do you want me to do to you?" My eyes widened, and we both laughed. He corrected himself, "I mean... what do you want me to do for you?"

When he got out of the shower, I was laying on his bed on top of all his clothes video chatting with my friend. He was wearing a towel, and then collapsed on top of me. He playfully started wrestling me for his clothes, and finally managed to snag some boxers. Then he wore those around and, damn, his legs were fine. So was his torso. Goddamn, I couldn't stop staring.

Very quickly I ended the video chat so that I could focus on Jake. I wanted to kiss him. I wanted to touch him sexually. But I resisted. God, it was hard to resist, but I really wanted him to make the first move. We ended up laying on the bed together, intertwined in this weird tangle, playing Truth or Truth and periodically tickling each other or placing "I Stand With Planned Parenthood" stickers all over each other's bodies. It was apparent at this point that we were going to end up having sex. I just didn't know when it would happen.

Finally he asked a Truth or Truth that led to me telling him that there's nothing hotter than a guy who is confident enough in himself and his ability to pick up on social cues to just take control of the situation and make a risky move on a woman.

And that's when shit got crazy.

He paused for a moment, threw me off of him, ripped off my pants and just shoved his entire member inside me. He pressed my face into the bed, put his mouth right up to the back of my neck and fucked me from behind. I was completely caught off guard and barely even knew what was happening -- I was being fucked. I could feel his breath and hear his loud grunts with every thrust. He slammed into me hard and fast, and I was completely at the mercy of his strength. He had me pinned down so that I couldn't move at all.

Eventually he pulled my hair back, lifting me up a bit. He flipped me over -- my head and shoulders were pressed into the bed, but my hips were in the air and my legs wrapped around him as he fucked me. My face was expressing pure ecstasy as he pounded me harder than I've been fucked in probably four years. I dug my hands into his ass, pulling him toward me, pulling him as deep as he could go. He pressed his hand onto my face, moved it down onto my chin, then onto my throat, choking me.

With his other hand he tore off the few clothes I was wearing and then grabbed onto my tits, my hips, squeezed my waist...

He flipped me around again; this time I was laying on my side. I was able to finger my asshole in this position and that really drove him mad. I'm sure he could feel crazy sensations, and he loved the view.

But then, after only a ten minutes or so, he collapsed into a heap of a worn out, tired, barely-able to breath slump.

It was the cigarettes. His lungs are in bad shape.

I gave him water, let him breathe, let him take a break. During his recovery, I started sucking on his cock. Shit, that thing was beautiful and glistened with my juices. I cleaned him up slowly, and then he started regaining energy. Next thing I knew, he was face fucking me. I was gagging and could barely take him, but he somehow managed to slam himself deep into my throat. I couldn't breathe, and I was so uncomfortable, but I was so hot. He had his hands on the back of my head, his fingers twisted up in my hair, and would pull my head down to his groin, or sometimes thrust himself into my face.

After several minutes of this I became more horny than ever. I pushed him down with his back on the bed and started fucking him from on top. We did many different variations of this position, and then switched it back to missionary. I was on my back again, and he fucked me harder than ever. We became increasingly louder; I could barely breathe -- then he pulled out and sprayed hot white come all over my stomach.

And then it was over.

I cleaned up, said goodnight, and went to bed in my own room.

I woke up this morning very early and started working (on none other than this blog). I laid in bed naked. He came in maybe an hour or two after and laid down next to me. He spooned me while I kept working.

Type, type, typing, I laid on my stomach and concentrated intensely on the computer screen while his hands wandered. He moved over a bit, climbed on top of me, and then shoved his morning wood deep into my wet pussy.

Another great fuck, but this time he had a lot more energy and an easier time of breathing.

He fulfilled one of my hottest fantasies last night -- one that I've had since I was probably 14 years old. No kissing, no foreplay, no buildup -- he read the signs and knew what I wanted, and he just went out and fucked me. A cold, hard fuck. And when it was over, we had no cuddling, no sweet sighs together, no thank yous exchanged.

Of course, I love the connectedness that usually comes with the type of sex I usually have, but goddamn, last night was some of the best sex I think I've ever experienced.

And now that I'm finally done writing this post, I'm horny as hell again. He's sitting right across from me...


  1. wow Epic story!
    i love how you just build and build the sexual tension and the animalistic way it was finally released was perfect!!!